Who is this guy?

Hi, I’m Ben! I’m a young man who’s been an avid traveler for years. After countless long-distance flights, train rides and bus trips I came to realise the value of a really good travel pillow. At first I was obsessed with travel wallets, an obsession that lead me to my next vital travel companion – travel pillows!

After trialing many different travel pillows I realised that there are huge differences and important design features that make a world of difference to how comfortable a travel pillow is. There are many cheap options available (particularly in airports) which offer little to no support.

Travel pillows are often an afterthought and bought hastily at the last second. The thing is, if you have find it hard to relax when you travel, they can make a huge difference. Most of these last minute options are made cheaply with little to no research on how the design will affect your back and neck. So I decided I would start a website to separate the wheat from the chaff.

My aim is to give you all the information you can possibly need to make informed purchases, and ultimately buy a travel pillow that you will be happy with. No more sleepless red-eye flights, no more stiff and aching necks, no more agonising back pain. Happy travelling!

How do we structure our reviews?

We divide our reviews up into the following categories:


Comfort is our number 1 concern when reviewing a travel pillow. Is the material soft and comfortable against your skin? Does it provide you with adequate support for your head, neck, shoulders and back? Is it soft and pleasing to use? And most importantly, will it help you sleep whilst on a long distance flight? These are the kinds of questions we ponder when we review this category.


There are a bewildering array of travel pillow designs available today. We look at the pros and cons of particular designs such as neck pillows, J pillows, inflatable pillows, memory foam pillows and camping pillows. As well as analysing the unique design features of every travel pillow we review. Types of material used, handy travel pouches or clips, ease of use, is it machine washable and how aesthetic it is.


Portability is another super-important aspect of every travel pillow we review. Inflatable travel pillows are very tough to beat when it comes to this category, although they do have their own drawbacks. Many non-inflatable travel pillows can be compressed down to make them more portable. Does it come with a compression sack so that you can pack it down nice and small?


When it comes to value we weigh up the scores for comfort, design and portability and then gauge that against the pillow’s retail price. As we know the market very well, we are able to ascertain whether a travel pillow compares favourably to other pillows in its price category.

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