Get airport wifi passwords worldwide – in a single map

Ever struggled to find the airport wifi password when you’re travelling? This map could make your life a whole lot easier!

I’ve certainly spent my fair share of time waiting around in airports trying to kill time. Data roaming is notoriously expensive, so I always try to connect to the airport’s wifi. However, so much of the time it seems to be unnecessarily and frustratingly difficult to log in. Often there are issues with not being able to read the log in requirements as they’re in the local language. Or some airports require a local phone number to be able to register and use their wifi.

Luckily for all of us, a travel blogger and computer security engineer named Anil Polat decided to do something about it! He’s created a global map with wifi passwords and log in details freely available for all. Simply click on the airport you want on the map, and the wifi network name and password information are revealed! Its as simple as that.


Check out the map below

The map is constantly updated, as people send in new information, Anil adds those to the growing list of passwords. As well as revealing network names and passwords, there will often be additional information, such time limits, or where specifically to be able to access the password within the airport.

He’s kindly made the map available to download offline, or you can download an iOS or Android app, simply go to his website here. So I’d like to say as one travel addict to another, thanks very much for making this available!

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