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J-pillow has the honour of being a trendsetter with a lot of copycats in the world of travel pillows. Although they have a limited range, J-Pillow provides a unique and supportive design for travelers who are less concerned with portability and more concerned with comfort.

Although the J-Pillow can be confusing at first glance, it is incredibly simple to use. Not only is the J-pillow currently the highest rated travel pillow on, it’s also the top selling travel pillow on numerous retail sites. The price is reasonable and apart from being a bit bulky, it has a lot going for it.

One of the best features of the J-pillow is it’s soft hook that rests underneath your chin. The pillow prevents forward and sideways head movement. It provides great support to your neck and chin and is versatile in different modes of transport. We highly recommend it highly and some people agree. J-pillow won Britain’s Invention of the Year in 2013 and it’s easy to see why.

Review – J Pillow Travel Airplane Pillow

The J Pillow Travel Pillow provides outstanding head, neck and chin support, thanks to its innovative, ...

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TRTL Travel Pillow
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Trtl travel pillow on
Trtl Travel are another brand who dare to be different. With great success too! The Trtl travel pillow looks at first like a simple towel that wraps around your neck. It’s a lot more than that though! Trtl’s patented design includes a rib like structure which holds your head in place while you doze off. It’s surprisingly simple to use and for a lot of people it’s incredibly comfortable.

Trtl are unique in that they are very up front about their research. They have scientifically proven that their Trtl travel pillow is incredibly comfortable and provides more neck support than the traditional U shaped neck pillows. What’s even better is the Trtl is incredibly portable. Fold it up in your bag or wrap it around your suitcase handle.

Although the feeling of being wrapped up isn’t for everyone, we found it incredibly comfortable and supportive. While it gave us a “tucked in” feeling, some people might feel claustrophobic. Regardless of this, we are incredibly confident that this is the right solution for a lot of people out there. It’s unorthodox but priced really well too! Instead of creating 100 different variations, Trtl have decided to dedicate all their efforts in the one offering.

Review – Trtl Travel Pillow (hypoallergenic)

The Trtl Travel Pillow certainly deserves to be in the "other" category of this site. It's completely unique ...

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Aeris travel pillows on
For simplicity and traditional design, Aeris travel pillows have a lot of competition beat. For those of us who are more comfortably with the incredibly common U shaped travel pillow, Aeris is for you. Aeris do one thing really well – memory foam. Their outer material is one of the most comfortable we’ve come across. The memory foam is high quality and very comfortable.

Aeris don’t stop at neck pillows for planes. They have a range of memory foam based seat cushions and neck rests for car and bus seats. One of the biggest problems with memory foam is overheating. The nature of the material is conducive to heat absorption and can play a part in sudden, sweaty awakening! Aeris have countered this with ventilation holes through the velour cover and memory foam.

If you’re a fan of memory foam and like the classic design, Aeris are one of the best brands on the market. Unfortunately there is little support for forward head movement but some people do just fine by leaning their heads back and to the side. We found that even Aeris’s budget options are up to scratch and their range of memory foam pillows are all incredibly comfortable.

Review – Aeris Travel Pillow

I'm really impressed by the level of comfort and support that the Aeris Travel Pillow provides. Quality ...

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Thermarest Travel Pillows
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Thermarest travel pillows on
Therm-a-rest are masters of the camping sector. They specialise in mattresses but we’ve found that their pillows are fantastic too. Therm-a-rest are incredibly comfort and adventure focused which gives a durable and lightweight option for sleeping just about any where. Their compressible pillow features high quality memory foam which compresses down to 1/4 of it’s size.

They have a huge range of fabric designs, colours and sizes. Although the ideal place for their products would be a campsite, don’t discount their versatility to take them travelling with you. Therm-a-rest products are perfect for the outdoors but also when space is at a premium. You may be couchsurfing or trying to find some kip on a train or bus and Therm-a-rest’s huge range of mattresses, pillows and cushions will see you resting safely.

We love Therm-a-rest for their durability, quality and sheer range. They have lumbar support pillows, chair cushions and travel pillows. All of their products are lightweight and portable and built to last. If comfort is important to you, check them out before setting off on your next journey.

Review – ThermaRest Compressible Travel Pillow

The ThermaRest Compressible Travel Pillow is the perfect companion for camping and hiking. Packing down to ...


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